Executive Advisory Board Brings Experienced Leaders Together

Our executive advisory board is designed for business leaders just like you. As an experienced leader you may be wondering, where do we go from here? You may feel as if you have exhausted all of your own talent and resources. Portocol’s Executive Advisory Board provides valuable access to peer leaders and growth experts who have been where you are now. As a member of this exclusive program you will discover how others have overcome their major obstacles achieved strategic growth. Portocol’s executive advisory board offers a network of successful business owners and decision makers who are also striving for sustainable, strategic growth.

Why Join Our Executive Advisory Board?

Our executive advisory board brings experienced leaders together in order to create a peer-group atmosphere that is consistently pushing the envelope. Breaking the mold of your traditional advisory panel or board of directors, with our executive advisory board, you have the opportunity to learn from the experience of others, discuss common experiences and challenges, and walk away with the revitalized confidence and direction needed to achieve unparalleled business success.

We take a comprehensive approach to leadership development, building sustainable value, and strategic organizational growth. Through our executive advisory board, you have the opportunity to gain innovative and enlightened perspectives on business growth initiatives.

The Executive Advisory Board Model

Our executive advisory board is built on a foundation of three key elements: a qualified, peer-group panel, one-on-one coaching, and business monitoring. These elements coalesce to help you build an organization that has a long-term vision supported by new strategies and systems designed to help you achieve strategic growth 2, 3 or 4 times your existing size.

  1. Peer Group Panel - The core element of the executive advisory board is the group dynamic between highly successful business leaders. Monthly meetings with other industry leaders not only holds you accountable to striving for success but also offers a forum for feedback you can trust and expert advice when needed.
  2. One-On-One Coaching - There is a distinct difference between being a good leader yourself and being able to build good leaders within your organization. As the business owner or CEO, your ability to motivate and equip your leaders with the tools they need is essential to the success of your business. The one-on-one coaching included in the executive advisory board program helps you hone your own leadership skills, as well as effectively implement leadership development tactics in your organization that align with your short and long term goals.
  3. Business Monitoring - Our business monitoring initiative includes a personal, progress tracking log to help you identify and achieve business goals. This aspect of the executive advisory board program ensures your goals and the strategies you are using to achieve them align with the company values. It also helps you identify points of weakness in your efforts to implement strategic growth initiatives, thus, allowing you to utilize the advisory board to its full potential. Business monitoring through this program is supported by monthly accountability phone calls with Portocol's strategic growth experts, helping you stay on track.

What To Expect From The Executive Advisory Board

The executive advisory board will help you achieve strategic growth, increase your profits, improve your management team, and create sustainable value throughout your entire organization.

This is a two year program that includes monthly, half-day meetings with the advisory group environment is designed around your business objectives. Additionally, you have unlimited access to Portocol's experts for guidance through on-the-go decision making. One-on-one coaching and business monitoring calls are scheduled on a monthly basis according to your individual schedule. Ongoing registration brings new executive advisory board members into a highly-successful program of current clients with continuous learning opportunities. To register for the executive advisory board, contact us here.

Get an idea of what the Executive Advisory Board has to offer by attending our FREE, CEO Roundtable. Find more information on our network of industry leaders here.

An Executive Coaching Program For Business Leaders

For many business owners and senior leaders, the saying, “it's lonely at the top,” is all too true. When you are responsible for leading a business to success, it is easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed and in need of guidance regarding the business’s strategic path. That supportive, educational, peer environment is precisely what the Portocol executive coaching program provides. Through this program, business owners and senior leaders find a space for structured peer group learning, targeted feedback, and partners for accountability to encourage successful implementation of growth-oriented business initiatives.

What Are The Benefits Of An Executive Coaching Program?

By the time you're in an ownership or senior leadership role, you have likely spent many years with your boots on the ground, actively playing a role in the growth and success of your business. Unfortunately, with the transition into upper-level leadership often comes a perpetual mountain of work and responsibilities that prevent you from what you know you should be doing -developing the strategic pathway, building scalable systems and cultivating your people to perform at the highest level. This conundrum is an all-too-common hindrance to the ongoing growth and success of your organization.

Our executive coaching program is specifically formulated to help business owners bridge the gap between being an expert in their field and a leader of their industry through the implementation of strategic business systems and strategies that guide your organization to surpass industry milestones. Through our executive coaching program, we help you not only identify what is next for your business but also how to get there.

The Executive Coaching Program Model

The Portocol executive coaching program is built on three fundamental aspects: business training, one-on-one coaching, and business monitoring. Each category of training provides the systematic framework to create a performance culture that is designed to support and facilitate strategic growth and build sustainable value.

  1. Business Training - The executive coaching program offers ongoing business training from Portocol's strategic growth experts. All of our training initiatives equip business leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to implement business systems that create scalability and align with individual company goals.
  2. One-On-One Coaching - Portocol does not operate on a one-size-fits-all model. We understand the unique needs of every industry and each business within it. This is why our one-on-one coaching is such an important aspect of our executive coaching program. Our experts work with you to determine your specific organizational needs and help you develop actionable strategies to fulfill them. With the executive coaching program, you have unlimited access to Portocol resources to ensure successful day-to-day implementation of business systems.
  3. Business Monitoring - This feature of the executive coaching program creates a culture of accountability in your business objectives. You will keep a personal business monitoring log that includes detailed records on financial key performance indicators (KPIs). You will maintain written business goals and initiatives, recording all progress to keep you on track through the journey of strategic growth. Through this part of the program, you can easily identify problem areas and seek guidance from Portocol experts, as well as the forum of other business owners within the executive coaching program.

A Executive Coaching Program That Works

The learning model and feedback system of our executive coaching program helps business owners achieve their goals with more focus and confidence than if they were to go at it alone. Our programs are specifically designed to support your path toward growth at every level of management.

This two year program offers all the support needed to guide business owners and senior leaders through the various stages of growth and achievement. Monthly, half-day peer-group meetings will cover every element of business, while one-on-one coaching supports the implementation of the business systems that make sense for your organization. Participants can register for our executive coaching program at any point throughout the year here.

Small group management training presentation

Management Training For The Next Generation

Having strong leaders throughout every level of your organization is essential to support growth. Many organizations promote from within and bring high performing employees from their original positions into leadership roles where their ability to be successful is often lacking for one key reason: they were trained to produce, but not trained to lead. The Portocol Management Training Program is designed specifically to help bridge this gap. Our curriculum teaches front-line managers and supervisors essential management skills that make them effective in their position, as well as the leadership attributes that empower them to grow beyond simply being a successful manager.

Why Management Training?

Effective front-line managers are key to cultivating a growth-oriented culture within your organization. By equipping your first-level managers with the tools they need to instill your company values and goals in each and every team member, you can create a sustainable atmosphere of intrinsic motivation that is independent of direct involvement from business owners. A strong, proven management training program helps your front-line managers build strong teams and scalability by encouraging leadership development and establishing business systems that support the end goals of your organization.

The Portocol Approach

At Portocol, we have spent the last few decades perfecting our approach to management training in order to ensure a program that promotes strategic growth. Successful application of our management training program stems from alignment between course curriculum and organizational goals. This alignment is what differentiates us from our competitors and we achieve it by facilitating a peer-group environment that is supported by one-on-one coaching. Our two-pronged model ensures comprehension of our programming at an individual level. It also creates an environment that supports development of the skills needed to identify, assume accountability for, monitor, and achieve specific company goals.

The Management Training Program Model

Management training takes place in a focused, peer group setting where new program participants will join current, highly successful clients in an environment dedicated to learning and practical application. Participants will learn effective coaching and mentoring skills, develop efficient problem solving and conflict resolution skills, gain the ability to strategically forecast, budget, and plan for success, and much more through this program.

Our management training is a 12-month program designed specifically for front line managers and supervisors. The program is broken up into six unique training modules.

  1. Customer Service – We teach a pragmatic approach to creating a customer-oriented culture. This course module helps front-line mangers develop skills needed to facilitate high-quality consumer and employee relationships that promote loyal customers.
  2. Internal Employee Development – Managers learn how to effectively train and coach employees. Our training systems are designed to facilitate an environment where collaboration and accountability are at the forefront in all departments. This encourages a high-performance culture in a business geared toward long-term success.
  3. External Employee Development – In phase three of the management training program, participants learn how to identify candidates that align with the company values, while building the skill set necessary to recruit and hire the organization's top choices.
  4. Finance – At the end of the day, the focus is on the bottom line. Phase four teaches front-line managers how to manage their team based on key performance indicators to increase productivity and uncover resolve inefficiencies which, ultimately, will increase profits.
  5. Leadership Culture – Most leaders would agree, communication is a key element for success. More often than not, managers are unsuccessful because they lack they fail to communicate effectively with their people.. Our management training program teaches managers how to facilitate structured communication that creates a high performance culture in the business.
  6. Leadership Success – The final module of our management training program teaches managers and supervisors how to inspire and motivate their people to achieve new levels of performance and success.

All of these lessons are supported by one-on-one coaching that is designed to reinforce course curriculum and facilitate effective implementation. These monthly, management training and individual coaching sessions with Portocol experts ensure that course participants are not only successfully putting their knowledge in place but also measuring performance in alignment with their company's short and long term goals.

Management Training Backed By The Portocol Promise

Portocol strives to serve our clients at every level of management. From front-line supervisors to CEOs, we have the resources to help your business systematically grow in value with less risk and more confidence. With Portocol's management training program, you can trust that every facet of your organization is equipped with the skill set necessary to make your business efforts successful.

Registration for our management training program is ongoing – you can join at any time of the year. Sessions are held twice per month on the second and fourth Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm in the Portocol Training Room. Workbooks will be provided. One-on-one training is included and is scheduled individually by each participant.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our proven management training program.

Strategy Consulting Foundation

Denver Business Coaching Supports Strategic Growth

Portocol is a leading provider of Denver business coaching, training and strategy consulting programs that help your organization achieve strategic growth, develop next generation leaders, and build sustainable value. Our diverse portfolio of strategy consulting programs target each level of management within an organization to ensure successful implementation of business systems that will put your organization on the path toward achievement.

Portocol's Seven Pillars Of Management

Our own business experience and ongoing education has helped us determine what successful businesses have in common. Over the last four decades, we have built our Denver business coaching programming and intellectual property around these key characteristics of successful organizations. We have perfected what we now call the "Seven PillarsTM of Successful Management. This model is used to direct strategy, provide education, and develop initiatives at the fundamental level so that our clients' organizations can achieve strategic growth.

About Portocol Business Strategies

Portocol has been serving the Denver community for more than 10 years with state-of-the-art business strategy consulting programs designed for each level of management. At Portocol, our vision is your success. We help you achieve this by following three strategic protocols that prepare and position your business to achieve your specific goals.

  1. Success-Driven Environment

    There are two key elements that make our business strategy consulting programs so effective. First, are the peer group environments that our business training takes place in. Leaders can strategize, discuss, troubleshoot, and learn from peers who fill similar positions in different organizations and industries. This allows us to broaden the scope of the business systems and best practices we teach and ensure applicability for each of our clients.

  2. Secondly, our one-on-one Denver business coaching serves to help clients implement this training in their own organization. This model not only maintains accountability but also allows for Portocol business coaches and clients to take ownership in their roles in strategic growth.

  3. Educate & Equip Management

    A team of leaders are only as successful as their training allows them to be. Our Denver business coaching and trai programs are designed for each tier of management within an organization, as well as molded around the unique needs of the specific organization. Through our peer group environments, one-on-one coaching, and other implementation tactics, managers are equipped with the knowledge and skill set to successfully build scalable systems in their departments or organizations.

  4. Aligned By A Single Vision

    Portocol's business coaching and consulting programs are dedicated to helping client organizations achieve their highest goals and objectives. This starts by aligning the company vision with all levels of management and providing them with the training and tools they need to attain it. With all the leaders of an organization on the same page, achieving success is more streamlined and effective.

These essential elements to our strategic and consultative approach are what ensures the successful application of our Denver business coaching programs.

Denver Business Coaching With Portocol

The Portocol team has more than five decades of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, and business leadership. Achieving success in other organization is what prompted CEO, Mike Tafoya, and Principal, Bill Shepard, to start Portocol Business Strategies, so that their expertise could be shared and nurtured in the Denver business community.

Mike Tafoya

Mike Tafoya

Mike has spent nearly twenty-five years as an entrepreneur. Purchasing his first retail glass company in 1977, he went on to own a successful commercial glass contracting company and then entered the business coaching arena. In the last decade, Mike has transformed his coaching franchise into an independent strategy consulting company that serves the Denver business community.

Bill Shepard

Bill Shepard

Bill is armed with a unique paradox of extensive start-up expertise and Fortune 500 business leadership experience. At Portocol, he delivers comprehensive management development programs that clients can use to achieve strategic growth. He works in the classroom setting, as well as providing one-on-one coaching and project guidance for all levels of management to implement Portocol's programming.

Together, Mike and Bill have built the premier Denver business coaching firm. With the goal of helping clients find success, Portocol Business Strategies is transforming the Denver business community into a high-achieving atmosphere that supports strategic growth.