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Denver Business Coaching Supports Strategic Growth

Portocol is a leading provider of Denver business coaching, training and strategy consulting programs that help your organization achieve strategic growth, develop next generation leaders, and build sustainable value. Our diverse portfolio of strategy consulting programs target each level of management within an organization to ensure successful implementation of business systems that will put your organization on the path toward achievement.

Portocol's Seven Pillars Of Management

Our own business experience and ongoing education has helped us determine what successful businesses have in common. Over the last four decades, we have built our Denver business coaching programming and intellectual property around these key characteristics of successful organizations. We have perfected what we now call the "Seven PillarsTM of Successful Management. This model is used to direct strategy, provide education, and develop initiatives at the fundamental level so that our clients' organizations can achieve strategic growth.

About Portocol Business Strategies

Portocol has been serving the Denver community for more than 10 years with state-of-the-art business strategy consulting programs designed for each level of management. At Portocol, our vision is your success. We help you achieve this by following three strategic protocols that prepare and position your business to achieve your specific goals.

  1. Success-Driven Environment

    There are two key elements that make our business strategy consulting programs so effective. First, are the peer group environments that our business training takes place in. Leaders can strategize, discuss, troubleshoot, and learn from peers who fill similar positions in different organizations and industries. This allows us to broaden the scope of the business systems and best practices we teach and ensure applicability for each of our clients.

  2. Secondly, our one-on-one Denver business coaching serves to help clients implement this training in their own organization. This model not only maintains accountability but also allows for Portocol business coaches and clients to take ownership in their roles in strategic growth.

  3. Educate & Equip Management

    A team of leaders are only as successful as their training allows them to be. Our Denver business coaching and trai programs are designed for each tier of management within an organization, as well as molded around the unique needs of the specific organization. Through our peer group environments, one-on-one coaching, and other implementation tactics, managers are equipped with the knowledge and skill set to successfully build scalable systems in their departments or organizations.

  4. Aligned By A Single Vision

    Portocol's business coaching and consulting programs are dedicated to helping client organizations achieve their highest goals and objectives. This starts by aligning the company vision with all levels of management and providing them with the training and tools they need to attain it. With all the leaders of an organization on the same page, achieving success is more streamlined and effective.

These essential elements to our strategic and consultative approach are what ensures the successful application of our Denver business coaching programs.

Denver Business Coaching With Portocol

The Portocol team has more than five decades of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, and business leadership. Achieving success in other organization is what prompted CEO, Mike Tafoya, and Principal, Bill Shepard, to start Portocol Business Strategies, so that their expertise could be shared and nurtured in the Denver business community.

Mike Tafoya

Mike Tafoya

Mike has spent nearly twenty-five years as an entrepreneur. Purchasing his first retail glass company in 1977, he went on to own a successful commercial glass contracting company and then entered the business coaching arena. In the last decade, Mike has transformed his coaching franchise into an independent strategy consulting company that serves the Denver business community.

Bill Shepard

Bill Shepard

Bill is armed with a unique paradox of extensive start-up expertise and Fortune 500 business leadership experience. At Portocol, he delivers comprehensive management development programs that clients can use to achieve strategic growth. He works in the classroom setting, as well as providing one-on-one coaching and project guidance for all levels of management to implement Portocol's programming.

Dirk Dykson

Dirk Dykson

After an early career in corporate finance with Fortune 100 companies, Dirk spent a decade in sales, marketing, and organizational performance leadership roles with global and national scope. During his 18-year career with Hewlett-Packard, Dirk led a turnaround of HP’s iconic Calculator business, doubling revenue and eliminating 85% of channel inventory over 18 months. He also gained extensive global experience in sales, marketing, finance, strategy, general management, customer service, and channel. With deep experience in technology, SaaS, healthcare, education, and financial services, Dirk specializes in simplifying and clarifying strategy, building healthy organizations, and enabling predictable sales systems.

Joe Keim

Joe Keim

Joe has worked in the defense and commercial industries over the past 40 years with more than 30 years of direct corporate, program, project management, and process improvement experience. He is part of the Continuing Education teaching staff at Colorado State University, where he serves as an adjunct instructor for the Project Management Certification Program. Joe has also taught PMP and Lean Six Sigma Boot Camps. He has been a contributing writer and Technical Editor for George Angel’s: “PMP Certification: A Beginner’s Guide” 2nd and 3rd editions. Hi education and certifications include:

  • B.Sc. Organizational Management, Univeristy of La Verne
  • Project Managmeent Certificate, Colorado State University
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Sharon Tafoya

Sharon Tafoya

Sharon is passionate about business owners and business operations. Her father and grandfathers were very successful entrepreneurs, and she and her husband have continued on the tradition. She has a strong background and education in psychology, and enjoys motivating and encouraging people to advance and succeed. She partners with Mike in running the company and encouraging their clients. Her role is administrative and financial management in the business. She loves her family which includes two sons, a daughter-in-law and grandson, and a huge extended family. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, architectural and landscape photography, traveling, and visiting with friends and family.

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Together, Mike and Bill have built the premier Denver business coaching firm. With the goal of helping clients find success, Portocol Business Strategies is transforming the Denver business community into a high-achieving atmosphere that supports strategic growth. Contact us today to learn more about our coaching programs.