• Unpredictable Revenue
  • No Systems in Place
  • You Are Wearing All the Hats
  • Sales are Dependent on You
  • Operations are Chaotic
  • You Are Still Wearing Too Many Hats
  • Profits Suffer When You Are Gone
  • Managers Lack Training & Experience
  • Cash Flow & Growth Capital Are Essential
  • Managers Need to Become Leaders
  • Strategic Planning & Budgeting Systems are Crucial
  • Exit/Succession Strategy is Not Well-Defined


Build the Business You've Always Wanted

Assess Your Business for Explosive Growth

A 360 Business Assessment will provide strategic clarity, and a plan you can execute with confidence.
Define Your Growth Strategy
Assess Critical Systems and Processes
Develop Your Next Generation of Managers & Leaders
Create Your Succession & Exit Plan

Define Your Growth Strategy


Every successful business has a long-term vision of the future. Without this Big Vision™, employees become complacent and the business can flounder. A clearly defined Big Vision™ provides employees the greater purpose they crave and leads to individual and organizational growth. A Big Vision™ is not just a dream, it's a pathway to what you ultimately want your business to become.

Assess Critical Systems and Processes


Systems and processes are the foundational procedures and workflows for how your business will run effectively and efficiently. They provide organizational structure to allow for tasks to be reproduced consistently and proactively. With a well-defined structure to keep up with growing demand, your business will scale more effectively and your company will rise above the chaos.

Develop Your Next Generation of Managers & Leaders


A strong management team can run the business like you would if you were there. Managers need training and resources to lead people and manage systems. You deserve to have the business operate at peak performance whether or not you are present. This will make the business more valuable and you will have the freedom you've always wanted. With successful managers, you'll no longer be stuck in the business.

Create Your Succession & Exit Plan


Every business will transition ownership at some point, but 70% of businesses fail to successfully transition or sell resulting in liquidation at pennies on the dollar. It's essential to have a succession plan in place long before you ever need one. A solid succession plan will identify critical resources and next steps for a successful transition, whether because of an unexpected life circumstance or a planned exit.


Select Your Next Level Milestone

Choose your target.

Complete Your 360 Business Assessment

Clarify your roadmap for success and get started on the business you've always wanted.

Execute Your Growth and Profit Strategy with Confidence

Get the resources you need and the support you deserve.


Realize the full potential of your business. Choose your next business milestone and create your growth plan with the help of Portocol’s Growth Guides. Stop worrying and get to work on a plan that will achieve the profit and revenue growth your business is capable of.

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