Tuesday, 25 February 2020 01:21

3 Reasons To Hire A Local Business Coach

It’s often said that you don’t know what you don’t know. Nothing could be more true when it comes to business ownership. Developing the processes that can sustain a growing business, training your leaders to successfully scale for many years to come, and creating sustainable value that withstands the test of time is challenging, albeit essential for success in business. Because these are skills you simply can’t develop until you’re experiencing those specific tasks for yourself, many business owners strike up a relationship with a business coach. This relationship gives business owners expertise to leverage when they are facing firsts in their business. Not all business coaches are created equally though, just like not all businesses are playing on the same field. It’s important to find a coach or an organization of coaches who can relate to your experiences and add value to them. One key way to ensure this is by hiring locals. As a small or midsize business owner, the community in which you operate can have major impacts on how you go about successfully doing business. A local business coach will understand that and can offer more targeted insights to help your organization find success.

The Benefits Of A Local Business Coach

Chances are, you’ve lived elsewhere prior to starting your business here in Denver. Whether you came before the boom or you followed the trend to plant roots in a thriving economy, you know how different Denver is now than it was even just a few years ago. You also know how different Denver is than anywhere else you’ve lived. Every community has its own unique nuances that play into the consumers relationship with businesses. A local business coach is key to helping you navigate this relationship - whether you’re just getting started in the Denver area or you’ve been around for years and are taking the next steps to scale your organization. Let’s dive into some of the specific advantages a local business coach can offer you and your organization.

They Have Local Relationships

Small and mid-sized businesses live and die by their network. More and more often, businesses are built on the backbone of referral partners who recommend the other SMBs in their network to their clients and their peers. When these relationships are how you do the majority of your growing as a business, it’s essential to put yourself in a position to build and nurture those relationships. A local business coach has done exactly that, supporting SMBs in the Denver area through all stages of growth and development. When you decide to take the next steps toward growth, they’ll be a key contributor to connecting you to the right people.

They Understand The SMB Market

Have you ever been on a trip with someone who insists on dining at a chain restaurant, despite there being plenty of local cuisine? These are the types of nuances that differ from community to community. A local business coach can help you better understand the audience you’re trying to reach and how they interact with businesses in the Denver area. For the most part, people in Denver are passionate about supporting their local businesses. They are dedicated to their community, despite it being nearly unrecognizable to what it once was. This is great for growing businesses, but the downside to doing business in a rapidly growing city is the idea of being a transplant in a community that’s all about its people. With the help of a local business coach, you can forge the right kind of relationship with your ideal clients in Denver and overcome the transplant concept to become an organization the locals loyally support.

They Are Accessible

Last, but certainly not least, a local business coach has one especially key value to offer that others simply cannot: they are local. As a business owner, you’re going to face a multitude of challenges. That’s just the nature of owning and growing a business. From developing managers and leaders, to training sales professionals, to streamlining operations, there are countless hurdles in every business’ lifecycle. Hiring a local business coach means that they live and work in the same community that you do. This means that you have better access to them, whether that be for in-person training, on-site observations, or any other face-to-face interaction they may be able to offer to support you in all of your business endeavors. This is an essential benefit that’s truly too good to pass up.

Portocol: Your Trusted Local Business Coach

At Portocol Business Strategies, we are committed to the Denver SMB community. Since our inception, we’ve strived to support our local business community with our combined experience and expertise. We’re passionate about helping Denver-based companies grow and thrive in the Mile High City and we know that being a local business coach supports that effort.

If you’re a Denver-based business looking to take your organization to the next level, contact our local business coaches today to learn more about our business development programs.