Tuesday, 14 January 2020 23:13

3 Things To Look For In A Business Coach In Denver

Making the decision to hire a business coach is not easy. As a business owner, your blood, sweat, and tears have been soaked into your organization. The idea of passing the torch to a third party individual for advice and guidance is a challenge. In order to get the most from a business coach, you have to ensure you find someone who is a good fit for your organization. As a leading business coach in Denver, we’ve got the guide to cutting through the noise and finding the ideal coach for your company. Here’s what you want to look for when hiring a business coach.


First and foremost, you should hire a business coach based on their experience. Not only are you looking for someone who has experience in your industry, but you also want to find an individual or a team of people who have a proven track record of success in their role.

In order to effectively vet the experience of a business coach in Denver, you’ll want to interview them thoroughly. Be sure to ask about:

  • Experience in their own business
  • The kinds of companies they’ve worked with
  • What their results looked like
  • The challenges they specialize in
  • Their typical client
  • Their typical timeline

In addition to their own account of their experience, you’ll also want to look at reviews and even get referrals from past clients. Getting feedback directly from those who’ve worked with the business coach you’re considering hiring will be the best way to assess the value they might be able to bring to your business.

Vision and Values

A business coach in Denver who will be a good fit for your organization will have a vision and methodology that aligns with your own. If the central values of your business are at odds with those of the business coach you hire, the relationship will neither be fruitful nor last very long. That doesn’t support your goals of growing your business, so you want to weed out any potentially bad fits early. Be sure to ask about the values that drive their operation and the specific methodology of implementation that you can expect when working with them.


On that note, the next thing you’ll want to look for when hiring a business coach in Denver is someone who can offer the structure and functionality you’re looking for. For example, if your struggles lie in the operations of your business, a coach who only works with the top-level management might not be a good fit. Not all coaching operations will feature elements for all levels of your organization - from your front line sales team to your C-level executives - so if that’s something you want, you want to find a business coach who offers that.

Find The Right Business Coach In Denver For You

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a business coach, things get even harder. In order to get everything you’re seeking from the coach you choose to hire, you have to find the right fit. Moreover, your employees and other managers have to also believe that you’ve hired the right fit.

If you’re looking for a business coach in Denver who can take your operations to the next level by supporting your strategic growth efforts, contact Portocol today.