Thursday, 21 May 2020 15:14

How to Find a CEO Coach in Denver

So, you want to hire a CEO coach. That’s great! Running a business as a Chief Executive Officer is no easy feat. You have to make tough decisions every day—decisions that greatly impact the success of your company and the people employed by it. If you want to be a better leader and see real, measurable results, consider working with a CEO coach in Denver.

If you’re still skeptical, consider this. Jeff Bezos works with a CEO coach. So does Google’s Larry Page. And so did Steve Jobs. Those are arguably three of the most successful CEOs of our era and they understand that working with a coach can be the difference between average growth and industry-leading growth.

Here’s a helpful checklist to find a CEO coach of your own.

1. Do your research.

Finding a CEO coach in Denver that is a good fit for you and your goals requires more than just working your way through a list of available coaches in the area. You’ll want to look into their background and previous track record.

Were they CEOs at any point themselves? How successful was their company? If they weren’t, do they have enough experience to know how to successfully manage the day-to-day operations of a profitable company? Have they worked with CEOs that are similar to you? How successful were they in helping those CEOs achieve their goals?

These are questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you even pick up the phone to talk to a potential executive coach.

2. Ensure there is a good fit between the CEO coach and the client.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, start reaching out to potential coaches. During your initial phone call, you’ll want to gauge your chemistry and ensure you’ll work well together. You should feel excited about both their energy and past experience. After all, CEO coaching should inspire you to be a better version of yourself and take on challenges you might not otherwise try to tackle.

3. Work with someone who has the kind of background you need.

Not all CEO coaching is the same. It’s best to work with a coach who is familiar with your industry and the challenges it presents. At the very least, they should have experience working with clients similar to you.

They don’t necessarily need to have the same background or even experience. However, general familiarity will help your coach better understand your needs. Most importantly, they should possess skills that you don’t have but want to attain.

Most CEO coaches have a specific area of expertise. Be sure these align with what you hope to take away from your coaching experience.

4. Read their references.

To gauge how successful a CEO coach is, take the time to read through their references and online reviews. A lot of coaches fill their websites with fluff. Buzzwords might sound snazzy, but if a coach doesn’t have any real, demonstrated achievements, they likely aren’t worth your time or money.

5. Ask questions to ensure you understand how the CEO coaching process works.

And lastly, you’ll want to ensure you have a clear understanding of what the program entails and how success will be measured. Ask what frameworks they use to ensure you meet your goals and what methods they practice to help hold you accountable.

CEO coaching is not about winging it. There should be set processes in place to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sessions.

Find a CEO coach in Denver

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