Thursday, 30 January 2020 06:00

Portocol Introduces Newest Business Management Coach

Portocol Business Strategies works with businesses across the Denver Metro area on strategic growth. We’re proud to announce growth of our own with the addition of a new team member. Joe Keim will be joining our organization as an Associate Coach where he will serve the small and mid-sized businesses we work with. His expertise and experience in project management ensure he’ll be a great addition to our team, leading organizations through trial and triumph successfully as a business management coach here in our Denver office.

Get To Know Our Business Management Coach

Joe is passionate about processes and that makes him an asset to every client we work with at Portocol Business Strategies. He lives for the nitty-gritty of business operations - something that many business owners struggle to get excited about. After spending 10 years serving our country in the military, Joe went on to contract with the Department of Defense for more than 25 years. He also brings with him five years of commercial experience.

As a business management coach, Joe’s job is to know business operations inside and out. He’s gained this highly sought after skill set through not only practical application, but also through ongoing education - both as a student and a teacher.

With a decorated resume, Joe brings the following credentials to his role as a business management coach here at Portocol:

  • Project Management Professional
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Product Project Manager (SCRUM)

Joe is well-versed in the project and business management world and we’re excited to have him join our team. He’s mission-oriented and client-focused, so he fits right in at Portocol.

Who Should Work With A Coach?

Business management coaching can be a highly beneficial resource for businesses in all types of scenarios. Whether you’re tackling that next growth spurt and need support to navigate the hurdles of expanding or you’re planning to leave your organization in the next five years and you want to have the right processes in place to move forward, engaging an organization that specializes in those very unique challenges and goals is an ideal next step. Your organization may benefit from a business management coach if you’re facing any of the following experiences:

1. Your Front Line Managers Need Formal Training

Often, organizations work to promote from within. This means that your top-performing employees tend to be put in managerial roles without any kind of formal management or leadership experience. A business management coach like Joe can help you transform your managers into the KPI-hitting masters your business needs.

2. You Can’t Get Over The Hump

Whether it’s reaching the next revenue goal or increasing recruitment capabilities to grow your team or client base, there’s often barriers to growth that businesses can’t break through on their own. The expertise and insight of a business management coach can help you bust through the ceilings that are holding you back.

3. You Can’t NOT Be At The Office

As the business owner, the organization often revolves around you. For a certain amount of time, this may be fine. However, eventually, you’ll want to be able to move up or move out of your business. Whether you want to take a vacation without worrying that the operations will come to a screeching halt without you or you’re looking at retiring in the future, hiring a business management coach can help you put some much needed separation between you and your operations without losing the specific amount of leadership or control you’d like to maintain.

Schedule A Call With Our Newest Business Management Coach

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, it may be time to take the next step and hire a third-party expert to help you navigate the struggles you’re facing. We’re excited to have Joe on board, helping business owners just like you take their operation to the next level.

If you’re looking for the expertise of a project management professional, schedule a call with Joe, our newest business management coach today.