Thursday, 12 February 2015 14:09

Portocol: Official Brand Launch

We're proud to announce the official brand launch and all new website of Portocol Business Strategies. Welcome!

The name “Portocol” was carefully chosen to capture the essence of this unique business coaching firm. It links the concepts of a “portal”, or an entry point into a new environment; “protocol,” the concept of proven systems for success; and “port of call,” a place in the course of a journey where one takes on fresh provisions.

The Portocol logo encompasses these ideas by incorporating the look of a portal, the structured flow of the objects/lines (protocol), and the objects passing through the O's, which represent ports of call.

Portocol founder and CEO, Mike Tafoya, is a successful business builder and business coach. “I formed Portocol based on my experience in starting and owning my own businesses and then subsequently as an executive coach for a national business coaching group.” explains Tafoya. “I feel very fortunate to now be in a position to pull all of this proven experience into the Portocol brand and lead other business leaders through their journeys.”

The Portocol system pulls together three critical elements for business success:

  1. Business Coaching

    – Enhancing the behaviors and mental processes of the company’s leaders and managers.
  2. Business Training

    – Enhancing the capabilities, knowledge, and skill sets of the company’s leaders.
  3. Business Consulting

    – Establishing processes and systems that ensure quality systems in individual areas of the organization and in the organization as a whole.

All of this is delivered in a customized combination of individual training, peer exchange environments, workshops, and seminars.