Monday, 24 August 2020 15:07

5 Reasons to Seek Sales Training in Denver

A strong sales team is critical to a company’s success in today’s competitive markets. In fact, a study conducted by Salesforce found that a salesperson’s competence was the most significant factor in a consumer’s decision to buy. That alone is enough reason to seek sales training in Denver, but there are a handful of other reasons too.

1. Increased revenue

Your sales team is likely the main revenue-generating department in your business. In today’s competitive—and sometimes overly saturated—markets where every company is vying and competing for consumers’ attention, you need a strong sales team. Investing in your sales team with a training program is a great way to ensure they have the skills, strategies, and knowledge needed to succeed. Here at Portocol, our clients increase their revenue 3-10 times on average after finishing one of our business development programs.

2. Improved communication

Strong communication skills are important in any job but especially so in sales. Sales teams must be able to clearly communicate the products and services you offer to your customers. Without effective communication skills, this is simply not possible. Sales training can help your team make better first impressions, improve written and verbal communication, and build long-lasting relationships.

3. Better admin skills

Closing a sale involves a lot more than just talking to prospects on the phone; it takes a ton of organization and administrative work too. Unfortunately, the importance of administrative skills is often overlooked when it comes to the sales department. Sales training can help emphasize the importance of daily activity tracking, accurate record-keeping, and time management. Additionally, sales training can also help inform sales protocols and processes to maximize the efficiency of your team.

4. Increased close rates

Selling isn’t always easy. Especially because people tend to look for reasons NOT to buy your product or service. If an individual isn’t trained well, they might agree with the reasoning behind your offerings and stop trying to close. Sales training programs can help prepare salespeople to anticipate objections and inform them of techniques to overcome those issues.

5. Build long-lasting customer loyalty

Sales training programs help improve the person-to-person connection that’s needed to gain loyal customers. According to a sales study, 71% of people base their buying decisions on believability and trust. Therefore, it’s incredibly important that salespeople thoroughly understand what their potential customers want and need, while also being able to efficiently communicate the benefits of the product or service.

Sales training can help your team learn how to build relationships with clients and continue to improve them for years to come.

Leverage effective sales training in Denver

It’s easy to see why sales training is vital to the success of your company. It’s an investment that will lead to long-term growth and increased revenue. If you’re ready to seek sales training in Denver, reach out to us at Portocol Business Strategies.

We offer a year-long sales training program that covers a multitude of topics, such as:

  • First impressions
  • Goal-setting
  • Value propositions
  • Increasing revenue
  • Qualifying opportunities
  • Managing pipelines
  • Value versus price
  • Closing a sale
  • Time management
  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Bidding versus selling
  • And more

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to help your team develop and sharpen their sales skills.