Many business owners find themselves in a catch-22 when it comes to promoting internally for leadership roles. This type of professional growth is essential to maintaining the culture of your company, but just because an employee is exceptional at their current job doesn’t necessarily mean they have the leadership skills necessary to excel in a managerial position. This is what makes an investment in management training programs so essential. Let’s review some of the key benefits of the right management training program.

Much like with any other service in today’s society, an effective business coaching program can be hard to come by. You absolutely must research all the organizations who are offering business coaching or training thoroughly before you decide to make an investment. There are a few hallmarks that make a business coaching program worth checking out. Let’s discuss what you should expect from a reputable and effective business coaching program in Denver.

Hiring an executive coach at the right time is just as important as hiring the right person. If you, as the business owner, are not in a position to divert attention away from working in your business to work on it, a coach can do very little to help you achieve your business goals. As 2019 comes to an end and you’re looking at where you started, how far you’ve come, and where you’re going, you’ll want to consider the resources necessary to help you get to where you want to be in the next year. In many cases, a Denver executive coach can offer everything you need and more. Let’s discuss some of the signs that you’re ready to hire a coach in 2020.

If you are a business owner, you know better than most that being able to put a dollar amount on your assets can be extremely valuable. This becomes difficult when you are talking about assets that have intrinsic value or are in a state of fluxuation. Your business, for example, is one of those assets where the value can be challenging to pin down. At Portocol Business Strategies, we help business owners do everything from developing systems that support growth to setting and achieving goals to build measurable value. Recently, we've added to our services and we now offer a 360-degree review of your business that will not only give you insights into the total value of the organization but also help you develop an action plan that will help you achieve your Big Vision. Let's take a deeper dive into the business valuation tool we offer our clients.

When you start a business, the last thing you’re thinking about is when you’ll eventually make your exit. It is an important part of every business’ lifecycle, however, so you will want to start planning for your exit long before it is time to make your move. Creating a sound succession plan is the first step to ensuring a successful exit that recognizes the value of the business you’ve built. With the right support, you can develop a succession plan that ensures your business continues on the ideal path.

When it comes to ongoing training for your leadership team, you want to ensure you are applying your resources appropriately. It’s relatively easy to find reputable programming for your frontline managers, as well as opportunities for business owners that focus on professional development. Alternatively, senior management training is not often as easy to find. It is, however, essential to the long term success of your business not to skimp on this mid-level programming that focuses on the development of leadership capabilities as your team transitions for one type of leadership role to another.