Is Your Company Unique?

Friday, 19 May 2017 17:35

Most businesses believe that they have something special to offer to potential customers such as products/services, high quality, low price, etc. You hear these types of messages in marketing and advising every day. Every business thinks they are special but are they truly different from the competition.

Market demand drives consumption. Understanding the market place is essential to crafting your competitive advantage, products/services and pricing. Consumers purchase solutions to problems that fulfill their perceived needs and desires.

What Marketing Plan?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:35

Marketing is a HOT topic in today’s lack luster business environment. When I speak to business owners and decision makers about marketing their eyes tend to gloss over or turn upward. Dollar signs immediately come to mind with no tangible way to measure return on investment. Some think I am trying to sell them something when I am not. Others are very interested and are highly engaged in the subject. There are some serious challenges that business leaders need to overcome in the area of marketing. First, most marketers don’t know the difference between marketing and advertising. Marketing is about brand awareness where advertising is about making the phone ring.

Planning Is Essential

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 17:34

For every business there are four essential types of planning. Each of the planning type’s effect varied aspects of the business directly. Strategic planning impacts the entire organization, functional planning effects divisions and departments, logistical planning is performed by teams and staff. Financial planning impacts department management and resources. Below are definitions for the four planning types:

Combating Chaos 1

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 17:35

Must of the chaos in our lives and in business starts from a lack of clarity and confidence. Defining the ultimate objective for the company is critical. Knowing where you going provides direction at every junction of the journey. With clear direction comes strategies and clarity of tactics. Confidence is a result of a clear vision, strategy and tactics with lead to achieving one’s goals and ultimate objective.

Lacking a clear vision for the future, a company will meander from direction to another, day after day. Employees are pushed and pulled in every direction expected to do things differently from one moment to the next. Leaders with creative and active thinking want to share ideas with everyone thinking they’ll promote creative thinking among the troops but what they create is chaos.