Business Valuation Calculator From Portocol + Quist Insights

Have you been thinking about how your might exit your business? Chances are, you are like most business owners and you have been too busy to consider what the future might look like. Oddly enough, most business owners don’t think about their succession or exit plan until it is too late to do anything to create more value in the business. Enter: the Business Valuation Calculator. Portocol Business Strategies partnered with Quist Insights to deliver a tool that provides a detailed report on where your company stands today and a focus on creating more value within your organization for the future in just three simple steps.

How Does Our Business Valuation Calculator Work?

Our business valuation calculator evaluates how your organization compares to your competitors in a number of different categories. Quist Insights has compiled more than three decades of data to create a proprietary algorithm that gives business owners the following information:

  • A detailed report of your companies strengths and weaknesses
  • A Q-score that compares you to similar companies
  • An action plan to guide you toward creating a more valuable business

The information collected and delivered for ongoing business valuation and value improvement falls into three categories: management insights, forward insights, and expert insights.

Management Insights

Regardless of the stage your business is in, there is value in having an in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. The first step in using our business valuation calculator will include a brief questionnaire that focuses on six, specific categories that play an essential role in increasing the value of your organization. This step of the valuation process gives you a clear idea of strengths your business can leverage and opportunities for improvement moving forward.

Forward Insights

This step of the valuation process relies on your Q-score and projections for your business to get an estimated value of your organization as it stands today. The business valuation calculator will determine your current and potential value range to help you identify tactics for closing the gap between where your business is and where it could be. Understanding where your business operations may be leaving money on the table can provide actionable insights on process adjustment that can move the needle for your organization.

Expert Insights

The experts at Portocol Business Strategies can help you create an action plan that guides your business toward peak potential. In this process, we help businesses define key strategies for achieving growth, developing next generation management, and building sustainable value that aligns with the potential of the business. Portocol clients have the expertise, support, and confidence to make sound strategic growth decisions and leverage the strengths of their organization to achieve their highest potential.

Pricing Of The Business Valuation Calculator



Modules Included:

  • Management Insights
  • Customer Care



Modules Included:

  • Management Insights
  • Forward Insights
  • Customer Care

Why Use The Business Valuation Calculator?

As proud partners of Quist Insights, we firmly believe that the business valuation calculator offers insights into the current state of your organization that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Your Q-score provides a detailed landscape of your organization’s starting point so that you can create a strategic plan to move your business onward and upward.

If you are ready to achieve the peak potential of your organization with expert guidance and support, try out our business valuation calculator today. In just three easy steps, you’ll be on the path towards creating sustainable business value that can withstand the test of time. Fill out the form below to start calculating the value of your business.

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