executive coaching program

An Executive Coaching Program For Business Leaders

For many business owners and senior leaders, the saying, “it's lonely at the top,” is all too true. When you are responsible for leading a business to success, it is easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed and in need of guidance regarding the business’s strategic path. That supportive, educational, peer environment is precisely what the Portocol executive coaching program provides. Through this program, business owners and senior leaders find a space for structured peer group learning, targeted feedback, and partners for accountability to encourage successful implementation of growth-oriented business initiatives.

What Are The Benefits Of An Executive Coaching Program?

By the time you're in an ownership or senior leadership role, you have likely spent many years with your boots on the ground, actively playing a role in the growth and success of your business. Unfortunately, with the transition into upper-level leadership often comes a perpetual mountain of work and responsibilities that prevent you from what you know you should be doing -developing the strategic pathway, building scalable systems and cultivating your people to perform at the highest level. This conundrum is an all-too-common hindrance to the ongoing growth and success of your organization.

Our executive coaching program is specifically formulated to help business owners bridge the gap between being an expert in their field and a leader of their industry through the implementation of strategic business systems and strategies that guide your organization to surpass industry milestones. Through our executive coaching program, we help you not only identify what is next for your business but also how to get there.

The Executive Coaching Program Model

The Portocol executive coaching program is built on three fundamental aspects: business training, one-on-one coaching, and business monitoring. Each category of training provides the systematic framework to create a performance culture that is designed to support and facilitate strategic growth and build sustainable value.

  1. Business Training - The executive coaching program offers ongoing business training from Portocol's strategic growth experts. All of our training initiatives equip business leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to implement business systems that create scalability and align with individual company goals.
  2. One-On-One Coaching - Portocol does not operate on a one-size-fits-all model. We understand the unique needs of every industry and each business within it. This is why our one-on-one coaching is such an important aspect of our executive coaching program. Our experts work with you to determine your specific organizational needs and help you develop actionable strategies to fulfill them. With the executive coaching program, you have unlimited access to Portocol resources to ensure successful day-to-day implementation of business systems.
  3. Business Monitoring - This feature of the executive coaching program creates a culture of accountability in your business objectives. You will keep a personal business monitoring log that includes detailed records on financial key performance indicators (KPIs). You will maintain written business goals and initiatives, recording all progress to keep you on track through the journey of strategic growth. Through this part of the program, you can easily identify problem areas and seek guidance from Portocol experts, as well as the forum of other business owners within the executive coaching program.

A Executive Coaching Program That Works

The learning model and feedback system of our executive coaching program helps business owners achieve their goals with more focus and confidence than if they were to go at it alone. Our programs are specifically designed to support your path toward growth at every level of management.

This two year program offers all the support needed to guide business owners and senior leaders through the various stages of growth and achievement. Monthly, half-day peer-group meetings will cover every element of business, while one-on-one coaching supports the implementation of the business systems that make sense for your organization. Participants can register for our executive coaching program at any point throughout the year here.