Small group management training presentation

Management Training For The Next Generation

Having strong leaders throughout every level of your organization is essential to support growth. Many organizations promote from within and bring high performing employees from their original positions into leadership roles where their ability to be successful is often lacking for one key reason: they were trained to produce, but not trained to lead. The Portocol Management Training Program is designed specifically to help bridge this gap. Our curriculum teaches front-line managers and supervisors essential management skills that make them effective in their position, as well as the leadership attributes that empower them to grow beyond simply being a successful manager.

Why Management Training?

Effective front-line managers are key to cultivating a growth-oriented culture within your organization. By equipping your first-level managers with the tools they need to instill your company values and goals in each and every team member, you can create a sustainable atmosphere of intrinsic motivation that is independent of direct involvement from business owners. A strong, proven management training program helps your front-line managers build strong teams and scalability by encouraging leadership development and establishing business systems that support the end goals of your organization.

The Portocol Approach

At Portocol, we have spent the last few decades perfecting our approach to management training in order to ensure a program that promotes strategic growth. Successful application of our management training program stems from alignment between course curriculum and organizational goals. This alignment is what differentiates us from our competitors and we achieve it by facilitating a peer-group environment that is supported by one-on-one coaching. Our two-pronged model ensures comprehension of our programming at an individual level. It also creates an environment that supports development of the skills needed to identify, assume accountability for, monitor, and achieve specific company goals.

The Management Training Program Model

Management training takes place in a focused, peer group setting where new program participants will join current, highly successful clients in an environment dedicated to learning and practical application. Participants will learn effective coaching and mentoring skills, develop efficient problem solving and conflict resolution skills, gain the ability to strategically forecast, budget, and plan for success, and much more through this program.

Our management training is a 12-month program designed specifically for front line managers and supervisors. The program is broken up into six unique training modules.

  1. Customer Service – We teach a pragmatic approach to creating a customer-oriented culture. This course module helps front-line mangers develop skills needed to facilitate high-quality consumer and employee relationships that promote loyal customers.
  2. Internal Employee Development – Managers learn how to effectively train and coach employees. Our training systems are designed to facilitate an environment where collaboration and accountability are at the forefront in all departments. This encourages a high-performance culture in a business geared toward long-term success.
  3. External Employee Development – In phase three of the management training program, participants learn how to identify candidates that align with the company values, while building the skill set necessary to recruit and hire the organization's top choices.
  4. Finance – At the end of the day, the focus is on the bottom line. Phase four teaches front-line managers how to manage their team based on key performance indicators to increase productivity and uncover resolve inefficiencies which, ultimately, will increase profits.
  5. Leadership Culture – Most leaders would agree, communication is a key element for success. More often than not, managers are unsuccessful because they lack they fail to communicate effectively with their people.. Our management training program teaches managers how to facilitate structured communication that creates a high performance culture in the business.
  6. Leadership Success – The final module of our management training program teaches managers and supervisors how to inspire and motivate their people to achieve new levels of performance and success.

All of these lessons are supported by one-on-one coaching that is designed to reinforce course curriculum and facilitate effective implementation. These monthly, management training and individual coaching sessions with Portocol experts ensure that course participants are not only successfully putting their knowledge in place but also measuring performance in alignment with their company's short and long term goals.

Management Training Backed By The Portocol Promise

Portocol strives to serve our clients at every level of management. From front-line supervisors to CEOs, we have the resources to help your business systematically grow in value with less risk and more confidence. With Portocol's management training program, you can trust that every facet of your organization is equipped with the skill set necessary to make your business efforts successful.

Registration for our management training program is ongoing – you can join at any time of the year. Sessions are held twice per month on the second and fourth Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm in the Portocol Training Room. Workbooks will be provided. One-on-one training is included and is scheduled individually by each participant.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our proven management training program.