Sales Training In Denver That Drives Results

Mastering the art of converting a suspect into a prospect and then into a loyal customer and brand advocate is challenging. Each industry has its own nuances that drive successful salespeople, so it’s essential that you identify the unique pain-points of your customers and capitalize on them. Our program for sales training in Denver is designed to equip anyone who wants to excel in a sales role with the right skills, strategies, and tactics. With our proven business development curriculum, we can arm your sales team with the dexterity and expertise necessary to maximize every opportunity. Let’s review what’s included in this exclusive sales training program.

What To Expect From Portocol’s Denver Sales Training

Over the course of this year-long sales training program, Denver professionals will come together via our Zoom Room conference channel where they can actively participate in a peer-group environment. We’ll cover a plethora of relevant topics, including:

  • First Impressions
  • Value Propositions
  • Setting Goals
  • Improving Gross Profit
  • Qualifying Opportunities
  • Managing Your Pipeline
  • Time Management
  • Value VS. Price
  • Closing The Sale
  • Building A Lasting Client Relationship
  • Bidding VS. Selling

In each 90-minute course, your sales team will learn strategic tactics and techniques to transform their approach to sales conversations and increase the close rates of ideal prospects.

In addition to our monthly training sessions with our core group of sales professionals, our sale training program is also equipped with one-on-one training, accountability support methods, and ongoing business monitoring.

Three Steps To Effective Sales Training

Portocol’s sales experts have honed the art and strategy behind successful sales over the last decade. Combining experience from Fortune 500 companies, start-up organizations, and everything in between, our team of professionals have learned the in’s and out's of the sales process and have developed a state-of-the-art training curriculum to teach those insights to you. The unparalleled success of our Denver sales training comes from the three-part approach we take to training, accountability, and support.

1. Peer-Learning Environment

Our core sales training takes place in a unique peer-group environment, which encourages conversation and exploration as sales professionals apply the innovative strategies they learn in their courses. Unlike a traditional training environment with a lecturer and a student, we leverage a collaborative environment to help our pupils get the most out of their sales training experience.

2. Customized Training

The intention of our sales training courses is to enhance the communication capabilities of sales professionals. From a positive and lasting first impression to the final conversation where you’re closing the deal, our 1-on-1 coaching helps you hone the relationship-oriented side of the sales process and apply it in a way that’s natural to the individual sales professional. Our sales coaches utilize the StrengthsFinders assessments to uncoverage core personality traits that will support your sales efforts.

3. Monitoring & Accountability

Your sales skills are only as good as you can account for them. If you’re not measuring the progress of newfound sales tactics and holding yourself accountable to relevant goals, you won’t be able to prove the value of your sales efforts. The business monitoring component of our Denver sales training helps you keep track of all sales activity and interpret the data for a more streamlined pipeline.

Join Portocol For Top-Rated Sales Training In Denver

Our sales training program is proven to increase close rates and boost ROIs for small- and mid-sized businesses across the Denver area. Develop and sharpen your sales skills through targeted training from business growth experts.

Contact Portocol Business Strategies today to learn more about our strategic sales training in Denver and reserve your seat in our next session.