When you’re in your first few years of business, it is essential to begin developing strategies and systems that align with your short- and long-term goals as early as possible. Sometimes, though, when you get into the thick of it, the implementation process can seem elusive. Every business expert worth their salt is going to have recommendations for how you can achieve your goals. It doesn’t take a business owner to recognize that business growth is not a one-size-fits-all approach, though. That’s what led us to develop the Business Success Program at Portocol.

What Is The BSP

The Business Success Program is designed for business owners who are in the first few years of business. Often, at this stage, you’re struggling to:

  • Balance time between working in the business and on the business
  • Build systems that support increasing revenue year over year.
  • Define the culture and brand of your organization
  • Align marketing and sales efforts
  • Find the right employees to support your operation
  • Build loyal clientele who can advocate for you

All of this is on your plate among countless other responsibilities you have as a business owner. The BSP at Portocol is designed specifically for you to engage with peers facing the same struggles you are, while gaining access to practical business training - not theory - that equips you with the tools you need to achieve sustainable growth.

In addition to monthly training on a variety of topics, ranging from building your leadership culture to converting “suspects” to sales, you’ll also participate in peer-group coaching and maintain a detailed journal of successes and struggles you experience during this year-long program.

Moreover, the Business Success Program also features a quarterly networking event where new and developing business owners can connect and collaborate.

Why Attend The BSP Networking Soiree

The Business Success Program Networking Soiree is perfect for business owners who are a part of BSP, have graduated BSP, or are thinking of becoming a part of the program. Take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate (and commiserate) with business owners who have been in your shoes as you work to make progress toward your goals.

Benefits Of The BSP Network

The BSP Network is an exclusive group of new business owners who are dedicated to growing and scaling their business. A few characteristics make the BSP Network unique:

  • They recognize that they don’t yet have all the answers to achieving long-term success and have a concentrated interest in learning from the experience and expertise of others.
  • They are open to new ideas and welcome new and innovative approaches to traditional business operation processes.
  • They know they can achieve more if they don’t go it alone.

It is this open-minded attitude that makes the BSP Network unique. You can experience the difference at our upcoming Networking Soiree.

Register For The Business Success Networking Soiree Today

Registering for the BSP Networking Soiree is easy. Simply fill out the registration form to reserve your spot at the upcoming event that suits your schedule. These networking events occur quarterly in Denver, so if you can’t make the next one, don’t fret. There will be another.

Check out our event calendar to see upcoming dates and join us for the next Business Success Networking Soiree.