CEO Roundtable – A Free Group Designed For Business Leaders

Growing a company from the ground up is a challenge many people can't relate to. As a business owner, you sacrifice family time, free time, and every holiday vacation to ensure that your organization succeeds. The people who understand the position you are in, the stress you are under, and the complications you face seem to be few and far between. Portocol has created unique training programs designed to not only help you pursue your business objectives but also create a community of support for business leaders. Our CEO Roundtable is for leaders like you to have impactful and engaging conversations, strategize your organization's growth, and build relationships with men and women who can relate to your experiences as a business owner.

Introducing The CEO Roundtable

Business owners often do not have the luxury of advice from experienced individuals who understand the unique challenges they face. The CEO Roundtable offers a peer group environment where business owners are introduced to a new way of thinking about their organization. This FREE luncheon is held once per month from 11:30am to 1:30pm, during which time business owners across Denver have the opportunity to participate in an enlightened discussion facilitated by Portocol's strategic growth experts, focusing on critical business topics, including:

  • achieving strategic growth
  • developing next-generation management
  • creating market value for your organization

Each luncheon presents the opportunity for business leaders to connect with their peers, navigate difficulties, propose innovative strategies and share successful tactics. This discussion oriented model ensures that the business owners who attend leave with actionable task items that can help them achieve their business goals.

Helping Business Owners Achieve Success

Our CEO Roundtable offers a unique opportunity for business owners to come together and discuss, strategize, implement, and review tactics that help you pursue and achieve your business objectives.

Designed For Achievement

This is a success-oriented peer group environment where business owners are encouraged to look at their organization under a new light. At the CEO Roundtable, you can learn what other business owners have tried in the past and are doing currently to grow their organizations and stay ahead of the competition. You have the opportunity to gain an enlightened perspective to use in the development and implementation of your own business strategies and tactics.

Driven By Discussion

A facilitator who is experienced in strategic growth will keep the conversation success-oriented. The discussion driven nature of the CEO Roundtable means that you are not locked into a course curriculum that does not apply to your organization. You can capitalize on the opportunity to use the network of experienced business leaders as a sounding board for ideas and strategies for your own business.

Focused On Value

Participation in the CEO Roundtable helps business owners find unique and effective ways to achieve strageic growth, develop their next generation management, and create sustainable market value for their organization. Regardless of what that looks like for your organization in its current stage, you will walk away from this meeting with advice you can trust from other business leaders.

Attend The CEO Roundtable

This FREE, monthly event is the first step in achieving your business objectives. Join Denver's best and brightest business leaders to see how your organization can grow. Business owners, CEOs, and executive directors can register for the next CEO Roundtable here. Current Portocol clients and alliance partners who bring a CEO are also encouraged to attend.

Not the business owner? Contact us for more information on our other business coaching and training programs that may be a good fit for you.