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Denver business planning Programs To Support Growth Efforts

business planning is the most impactful when used in tandem with Portocol's business coaching services. Our coaching programs are highly targeted, designed to build great leaders in every level of management, while our business planning program, on the other hand, is designed to streamline your organizational processes to maximize revenue and scale your business strategically. At critcal junctures in a business's growth, an outside, professional perspective can provide strategic insight and direction to support the growth plans moving forward.

The Portocol Approach To business planning in Denver

Rather than focusing on the individual, Portocol approaches business planning with a focus on the organization as a whole. Our consulting program follows four unique categories and can be applied to any or all departments within your organization.

Strategic Planning

Planning is the cornerstone of every successful business. The phrase “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” can be applied in all facets of life and business. Portocol's Denver business planning program is designed to help business leaders turn their vision for their organization's future into an actionable plan. More than that, we teach you how to transform your day to day operations to support the end goal. We do this by following a proven, four-step process that has withstood the tests of time and trials to support the development of a highly-successful organization. Our strategic planning consulting follows this model:

  1. Define the organization's culture
  2. Identify internal strengths and weaknesses
  3. Set tangible goals and objectives
  4. Create actionable plan to put tactics in place

This process helps your organization identify the goals you want to attain and create a plan to achieve them in a timely manner with the resources you have at your disposal. Our business planning is not about applying cookie-cutter business systems to your organization, but rather, applying strategy to your current business operations to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.


Culture is often a neglected element on the path towards growth. As the Millennial generation takes over the workforce, businesses can no longer afford to neglect this essential element of their organization's success. A positive culture that lends itself toward success is built around a shared vision and mission for your organization. Portocol's business planning for culture focuses on three key facets of culture: identification, advancement, and fulfillment.

We work with every level of your leadership team to identify the vision, the core values, and the mission that are the cornerstone of your organization. From there we help you mold your business operations around consistent reinforcement of this shared culture. It is at this level of business operations that successful organizations are born.

Budget Planning

Budgeting tends to be the downfall in every business. If budgeting is holding you back from achieving your desired business growth plans, Portocol's business planning program can help you create a budget plan that mitigates risk and supports your growth initiatives. Budget planning is more than just crunching numbers and trying to stay out of the red. Successful businesses operate on a proactive budget plan, rather than a reactive one. Our budget planning experts will walk you through the process of budgeting for the future so that your growth initiatives have the financial support they need.

Workflow Automation

The workflow portion of our Denver business planning services takes you down to the nitty gritty of your business processes. Every organization, regardless of size, can benefit from automating the workflow of even the simplest of processes to ensure that all employees are working towards the same end goals. Our workflow business planning follows a five-step model:

  1. evaluating current processes that work
  2. identifying areas that need improvement
  3. pinpointing any gaps that hinder efficiency
  4. peer and management input
  5. team-oriented problem solving

Incorporating your entire organization in the workflow development ensures that all points of weakness in current processes can be addressed to support your business's growth initiatives.

Denver business planning Services

Our business planning services can be implemented individually or as full-service programs to support your organization's needs. Whether you need consulting in all four categories or are noticing weaknesses in a single focus area, Portocol's business planning can help you streamline your processes, increase revenue, and scale operations for future growth.

To learn more about which business planning programs can support your organization's growth initiatives, contact Portocol Business Strategies.